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Our projects are ratified by banks and financial institutions that will ease the process of procuring loan so as to finance your property purchase. Key Banks and financial institutions we work with includes: HDFC, Tata, City Bank, IDBI, ICICI, India Bulls, Dhanalakshmi Bank.

With special arrangements from Maruti Group with above banks, a buyer can avail loan on both, Down Payment and Construction Linked modes.

In a usual case, the buyer needs to file the loan application to respective bank with a reference code issued by the builder. On receipt of the above reference code, the loan processing periods could be greatly reduced to meagre 15 days to 45 days depending upon the bank/ institute applied to. A buyer will then be issued the loan amount depending upon his repayment capacity of up-to 150% in some cases.

Maruti Group has special arrangements (on project basis) to avail loan on Down Payment mode. By availing this facility, a buyer receives a single-shot payment of upto 95% of the loan amount within a month so as to assist the buyer for a discounted Down Payment Rate. In this instance, the EMIs of the buyer will commence immediately, as otherwise.

Please Note: None of our projects are funded by any of the Banks or Financial Institutions

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